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Internet Education Professionals is here to help you. To understand the benefits of building a digital lifestyle business. We believe that the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) system is the best internet mentoring training system. It is not for everyone and not everyone is accepted into the community.

There are many benefits in building a business through the SFM system. This is just some of what SFM can offer:

  • Tried and tested training and mentoring systems
  • Access to an exclusive, sharing, global community – THIS is my favourite
  • Successful mentors
  • The opportunity to work from home
  • Those a little older can transition into the new digital world
  • An escape for the 9 to 5 (or even 8 to 6 or longer) rat race
  • Freedom to be able to choose your hours
  • A baby boomer looking at options for retirement income
  • The platform to grow as you learn until you can earn what you are worth
  • Amazing tools and services
  • Free boot camp
  • A small fee to check you’re a fit for the community – and a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Or, maybe you want the freedom to be able to work as you travel

Find the Right Business for You

Whether you like to hide away at home, or expose (well maybe not expose) yourself on the beaches of Maui – there is a way to do it. Create a residual income by understanding yourself, then building a business to match who YOU are.

internet education professionals
School Sport is a great opportunity to share with your children

Associated with Six Figure Mentors is the extension community of Digital Experts Academy (DEA). We explain where each fits in your educational journey.

We were so impressed with Six Figure Mentors that we joined. We are an affiliate of the global company. We are continually learning and share to save your time.

Internet Education Professionals will be including articles and posts.  We share our own knowledge. We include research results.

We pass on the latest tips from webinars or seminars that we have attended. Internet Education Professionals provides you with posts on a variety of internet educational topics.

If you are looking for easy money then keep looking.

SFM is not right for everyone though if it is a fit for you, joining SFM can be a life changer. SFM membership has been a life changing decision for many in the community, including me.

If you have integrity and:

  • want a life of self-discovery
  • will give consistent effort
  • want to go on to create the life you have dreamed

Then you will likely be a fit for our community of like-minded individuals.

The business world is changing rapidly . There are things you may not be aware of. We are here to save you time by finding a faster way to creating the lifestyle of your dreams…

NO Advice

One thing you will not find here is advice. We will share experiences. It is for you to take perspective of your situation. Only you understand all facets that affect you.

True mentorship is not about giving advice, it is about sharing experience!

By sharing experiences you see options that are possible paths for you. You make the decision from what feels right for you. You own your circumstances and if you fail that is great.

You are one step closer to success!

Leave your details now. We will keep in touch as new information comes to hand.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post.

My name is Robina Dobbie. I am here on behalf of Internet Education Professionals to provide:

  • Information about the Six Figure Mentors system
  • Digital Experts Academy
  • My own vast business knowledge and experience
  • My life experience
  • Research findings
  • Webinar feedback
  • Seminar feedback
  • The latest feedback around what is happening on the internet

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